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GOA News

  • Merrick Garland really is anti-gun
  • Hillary to Thank Trump?
  • Across Borders
  • Victory Over Bloomberg
  • Don't Shred the Constitution

The usual gaggle of anti-gun suspects has come out of the woodwork to attack the “gun lobby” for its opposition to any action on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Coupled with their typical protestations that their attacks on Second Amendment advocates are not attacks on the Second Amendment itself, their words are laden with half-truths and selectively culled “facts.”

But the truth is simple. Second Amendment issues have come before Garland, at least four times. He voted anti-gun every time.

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Hillary Could Owe Donald Big if She Wins White House

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November, she will almost certainly have won Virginia.  And if she wins Virginia, she owes a huge debt of thanks to her old pal, Donald J. Trump.

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Gun Owners of America: Right To Carry Doesn’t Stop At State’s Border

"It’s time that our laws stop punishing law-abiding citizens like Shaneen Allen, who simply want to carry self-defense guns while traveling. The Stutzman-Cornyn bills are the best way to do this, as they will protect the rights of any honest citizen who wants to carry a firearm across state lines — even citizens who live in Constitutional Carry states." - Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA

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Gun Owners of America Claims Victory over ‘Bloomberg’s Billions’

 “For all the talk about Bloomberg’s billions, Daddy Warbucks had his lunch handed to him in Idaho and West Virginia,” GOA’s Erich Pratt told Breitbart News.

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No, Senators, You Don’t have to Honor Garland’s Efforts to Shred the Second Amendment

"No, senators, you don’t have to dignify this contempt for the Constitution by meeting with [Merrick Garland].  And you don't have to give him a platform for another phony photo-op.

"If you want, Gun Owners of America will send you a bag of shredded Constitutions.  This will tell you more than Garland would about his judicial philosophy."

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Self-Defense Corner

  • Wife Protects
  • Mama Bear
  • Shooting Back
  • CCW Wins Again
  • Not Easy

75-year-old victim of Sultan home invasion tells what happened before 80-year-old wife killed intruder

A 75-year-old Sultan man recounted Friday how a man broke into his house and stabbed him before his 80-year-old wife shot and killed the intruder.

The stabbing victim "told deputies that he was watching TV when he saw an unknown male on his back porch," the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.   "He said that the suspect broke down a door to make entry to the home and, when he did, he hit the man (the resident) on the head and began stabbing him.

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Mama Bearing Arms Fires Shotgun at Home Intruders

Never underestimate the fury of a mama bear defending her cubs. Or worse, a mama bearing arms to protect her children.

When two robbers broke into a woman’s home, she said her maternal instinct kicked in, and, grabbing a 12-gauge shotgun, stood to protect her young daughter from harm.

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Homeowner Shoots Back at Three Armed Home Intruders

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office confirm three suspects are in custody after breaking into a Youngsville, LA home and shooting at the homeowner, who armed himself and returned fire.

All three men have been charged with attempted second-degree murder and aggravated burglary.

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Armed Felon Dead After Allegedly Pulling Gun on Concealed Permit Holder

On April 25, an armed felon was shot and killed after allegedly pulling a gun on a concealed carry permit holder.

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Cops Say Home Invaders Likely Thought Stealing From 80-Year-Old Man Would Be ‘Easy.’ Then He Pulls Out His Gun.

It began when a 23-year-old woman came to the door of an 80-year-old man asking to use his phone — and it turned out she had company.

Whitney Kabiru — along with 28-year-old Larry Shaver and 28-year-old John Grossklaus — then entered the man’s house Tuesday morning and tried to rob him, police said.“We do have information that they believed this was an old man and that this was going to be an easy way for them to get stuff that wasn’t theirs,” Chief Steve Shine of the Fairmont, West Virginia, police told WVAL-TV.

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