House Sends Constitutional Carry to the Governor!


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to contact Governor Chris Sununu and ask him to keep his campaign pledge to sign the Constitutional Carry bill (S.B. 12).

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Bloomberg Pressuring Sununu to Veto Constitutional Carry Bill

Dear Friend:

There’s not much left to be said, except: You did it!!! 

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House, by a vote of 200-97, approved New Hampshire’s Constitutional Carry Bill (S.B. 12).  

The bill now goes to the governor, who campaigned on a promise to sign it. 

As we say, “You don’t pop the cork until they bang the gavel.”

We would ask you to write an encouragement to Governor Chris Sununu and urge him to keep his campaign pledge. 

After all, anti-gun New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his minions are spending vast amounts of money in order to buy New Hampshire -- and to turn the Granite State in a repressive cesspool like his own home state.  

They’ve taken out a full-page ad in Manchester’s largest newspaper.  

And they have reportedly hired 11 New Hampshire lobbyists, including the Leftist law firm of Demers and Blaisdell. 

But Bloomberg’s billions have thus far not been enough to buy away our freedoms.  

Bloomberg failed to enact any of his national legislative agenda, when gun-haters tried to use the Sandy Hook tragedy to restrict the rights of honest Americans.

His efforts to buy Maine’s freedoms last November were unsuccessful.  

And his legislation to take away gun rights in Nevada was stymied by a drafting error.  

Now, the Bloomberg/Obama illegal “executive action” gun control agenda is being dismantled piece--by-piece. 

As we say, “Victory feeds on itself; and defeat feeds on itself.”  

We hope you will be pleased at your role in placing another nail in his gun control coffin. 

So please contact Governor Sununu. Ask him to keep his campaign pledge and sign the Constitutional Carry bill (S.B. 12).  

And thank him for his support of the Second Amendment!


Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

P.S. Please contact Governor Chris Sununu and ask him to keep his campaign pledge to sign the Constitutional Carry bill (S.B. 12).  

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