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81 President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder Going After Your Semi-Autos 04/09/2009 John Velleco
82 Wicker Amendment Passes Senate 04/04/2009 John Velleco
83 Sen. Barrasso gets it right in El Paso 04/02/2009 John Velleco
84 Massive Land Bill Clears Final Hurdle 03/30/2009 John Velleco
85 Land Grab bill nears passage 03/18/2009 John Velleco
86 Massive land grab bill coming to vote today 03/11/2009 John Velleco
87 Pro-gun Gillibrand? Don't Think So 03/05/2009 John Velleco
88 House Leaders Pull D.C. Voting Rights Act 03/04/2009 John Velleco
89 House Leaders Pull D.C. Voting Rights Act 03/03/2009 John Velleco
90 Second Amendment Victory in the Senate 02/27/2009 John Velleco
91 HR 45 May be More Troubling Than the Average Anti-gun Bill 02/11/2009 Craig Fields