Title Author
Why is Hillary Running? Written by Kurt Schlichter
Explaining the Objections to Background Registration Checks Written by Keith Coniglio
Three Stupid Gun Laws That Need to Be Repealed or Replaced Today Written by Bob Owens
Gun-Controlled Melbourne: More Than One Shooting A Week Since January 2015 Written by AWR Hawkins
Hillary at Commander-in-Chief Forum: Gun Control Part of Fight Against Terrorism Written by AWR Hawkins
While Hillary Is Recovering From Her Collapse, Her “Australian Model” Gun Control is Collapsing “Down Under” Written by Bob Owens
Cancer Kills More People Than Guns Written by Steven Stafford
Chicago endures bloodiest month in decades with 90 people killed in August alone - more than the number of homicides in New York and Los Angeles COMBINED Written by Associated Press
Obama is committed to securing ratification of the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Written by AWR Hawkins
1950 to 2010: Not One Mass Public Shooting Where Citizens Could Be Armed Written by AWR Hawkins
GOP Senators to Block State Department’s Backdoor Gun Control Written by AWR Hawkins
Arizona official says guns are allowed at private schools Written by The Daily Progress
If Guns Are ‘Designed for Killing,’ So Are These Written by Jenn Jacques
No, The ATF Is Not Going All “Snidely Whiplash” On The Ammunition Industry Written by Bob Owens
138 Lawmakers urge Obama to rescind ITAR gunsmithing change Written by Chris Eger
August In Gun-Controlled Chicago: 472 Shot, 90 Killed Written by AWR Hawkins
Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor Backs Texas Campus Carry: ‘The Police Were Not Fast Enough’ Written by AWR Hawkins
New Liberty Campus Carry Policy Go Into Effect This Semester Written by Autumn Price
Pew Poll: 44 Percent of All Households Now Have a Gun Written by AWR Hawkins
Kansas State University Gun Policy to Allow Campus-Wide Concealed Carry Written by AWR Hawkins

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