Title Author
Anti-gun zealots trying to bully Nevada AG Laxalt Written by Robert Uithoven
New Mexico Lawmakers Reject Bloomberg-Endorsed Ban on Private Gun Sales Written by AWR Hawkins
Should “Originalist” Judges be banned from The Supreme Court? Written by Liberty News Daily
ANPAM. Scientific study: link between the ownership of firearms and the number of homicides Written by All4Shooters
Australia Takes Aim at Guns Written by AWR Hawkins
Concealed Carry Up Nearly 50 Percent in One Year in Gun-Controlled Chicago Written by AWR Hawkins
Why We Carry: 23-Year-Old Nurse Stabbed To Death In Home Invasion Written by G. Halek
AG Derek Schmidt: U.S. AG Sessions to Review Kansas Second-Amendment Case Written by Duncan Johnson
Fourth Circuit’s Anti-Second Amendment Ruling Written by Liberty News Daily
Chicago Gangs Acquiring Guns Via Railway Yard Robberies Written by AWR Hawkins
Interior Secretary Zinke Day One: Repeals Obama-Era Lead Ammunition Ban Written by AWR Hawkins
Petition Seeks to Repeal Hughes Amendment Written by Gun Owners of America
Fearing Guns Is A Refusal To Take Responsibility For Your Safety Written by John Cylc
The Advocate Calls for More Gun Control: Legal Guns No Different Than Illegal Guns Written by AWR Hawkins
UCLA Law Professor Breaks Down the Second Amendment: Do Americans Have a ‘Constitutional Right to Own a Gun?’ Written by Faith Wire
Fourth Circuit Infringes on Heller Written by Daniel John Sobieski
Nothing More Feminist Than Self-Defense, Gun Rights Advocate Says Written by Morgan Walker
U.S. appeals court upholds Maryland's ban on assault rifles Written by Reuters
Shocker: NBC News Segment On 'Ghost Guns' Is Riddled With Inaccuracies Written by Matt Vespa
Eric Zorn: Inside The Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate Written by Robert Farago

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