Title Author
Patrick K. O’Donnell: How an Elite Unit of Iron Men Saved George Washington’s Army and Changed History Written by John Hayward
56 Patriots Pledged Their Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor Written by Daniel J. Flynn
Czech Republic Parliament Passes Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Written by Chris Tomlinson
Judge Blocks ‘High Capacity’ Mag Ban to Prevent Criminalization of Law-Abiding Californians Written by AWR Hawkins
Rosaries and Rifles: Syria Christians Fighting Back Against Islamic State in Raqa Written by Breitbart Jerusalem
My Wyoming Concealed Carry Permit Is Here. I Wish I Was Happier About It Written by Sara Tipton
Most Americans know that owning a gun is an essential part of our freedom Written by Stacy Washington
BREAKING: Czech Parliament Approves Citizens’ Right to Bear Arms Written by Nick Leghorn
Dallas Morning News: News Outlets Reported Exaggerated Stats on ‘Kids and Guns’ Written by AWR Hawkins
Homeowner Who Captured Escaped GA Inmates Receives Reward Money Written by John Falkenberg
Law-Abiding Citizens Have More Than 600 Million Firearms in America Written by Jenn-Jacques
CA Sheriff: No Plan to Force Compliance with ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban Written by AWR Hawkins
Justice Thomas Calls Out SCOTUS Written by Thomas Phippen
Governor Christie Pardons Two Veterans From Firearms Convictions Written by Jenn Jacques
Newsweek Writer Uses Phony Statistics to Support Gun Violence Report Written by Brock Simmons
CA Assembly Passes Gun Control Bill to Stop Teachers from Shooting Back Written by AWR Hawkins
Signed by the Governor: Maine Law Prohibits State Gun Registries Written by Mike Maharrey
Rep. Thomas Massie: We Need The Concealed Carry Of Pistols Inside The Beltway! Written by Shane Trejo
Wayne County Sheriff expresses concerns about concealed carry bill Written by Carleigh Griffeth
Want to stop mass shootings? Let’s get more guns in the right hands Written by David Kopel and Joseph Greenlee

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