Title Author
Criminals Easily Bypassing Background Checks Written by Andrew Shepperson
The Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me Written by Rob Morse
THIS is What’s Wrong with Universal Background Checks Written by Bruce W. Krafft
ICE Files Detainer Against El Salvadorian Student Who Brought Stolen AR-15 To Maryland High School Written by Jonah Bennett
Gun-Phobic Professor Leaves University Because of Campus Carry Written by Dean Weingarten
In the Hill Newspaper: "Democratic Double Standard on Guns hurts the poor" Written by The Hill
New York Magazine claims ISIS ‘appreciates NRA’s work’ — then Medal of Honor recipient strikes back Written by Justin Haskins
Thomas Jefferson: Government’s Role is Defense of God-Given Rights Written by AWR Hawkins
Police: Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots, Kills ‘Active Shooter’ Written by AWR Hawkins
Gabby Giffords, Dem Lawmakers Pledge to Fight Concealed Carry for Law-Abiding Citizens Written by AWR Hawkins
Gun confiscation bill advances in Oregon Written by Brian Seay
Former Boston cop arrested on firearms straw purchasing charges Written by Andrew Shepperson
Study: Two Percent of U.S. Counties Have Fifty-One Percent U.S. Murders Written by AWR Hawkins
Gov. Ducey signs Arizona anti-background check bill Written by Chris Eger
Britain Sees Rise in Acid Attacks after Crackdown on Guns Written by Jordan Michaels
Don't Tell The Anti-Gun Media, But Black Women Are Starting To Learn How To Use Guns Written by Matt Vespa
Gun Control Fail: Baltimore Mayor Asks FBI to Stem Rising Murder Rate Written by AWR Hawkins
Minnesota School Bans Shooting Team’s Photo From Yearbook For Featuring Guns Written by Staff Writer 10
California ‘Catch-22’ on ‘Assault Weapons’ Evokes Fundamental Question for Gun Owners Written by David Cordrea
Gun-Controlled Chicago: Over 1,000 Shooting Victims This Year Written by AWR Hawkins

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