Clip VS Magazine, Accidental Discharge VS Negligent Discharge, and More

I work in a local gun store. This is a place that offers a wide selection of firearms for a broad audience of gun enthusiasts. If you’ve ever been into a gun store, you know how the pattern goes. You’re looking through a glass panel at a rack of different pistols and a sales associate or clerk comes up and strikes up a conversation.

The point of the conversation is to help steer, educate, and ultimately sell a gun, ammunition, and some accessories to get that customer equipped. But before we get to the cash register, let’s talk about the conversations that are had.

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Surprisingly, it’s not the first time buyers that I catch slipping in terms like ‘clip’ into the conversation. I struggle not to wince when I hear a potential customer describe a firearm he’s looking at as an ‘assault pistol’. I’ve had to explain more than once that there is a very big difference between a full metal jacketed round and a jacketed hollow point.

It’s okay.

But all of those terms are completely forgivable and easily corrected usually within the space of a single conversation.

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