Fact Sheets


Gun Owners of America Comments on Bump Stocks (Round 2)

Gun Owners Foundations Comments on Bump Stocks (Round 2)

Section-by-section Analysis of S. 2135, the “Fix NICS” Bill

Gun Owners Foundation comments to the ATF on proposed rulemaking regarding “Bump Fire” Stocks

Comments from Gun Owners of America to the ATF on proposed rulemaking regarding “Bump Fire” Stocks

Why Would Any Gun Rights Supporter Trust Feinstein and Schumer to Support Their Gun Rights?


A Social Security Gun Ban, Part 2?

A Massachusetts Police Officer Talks About How an Unpaid Traffic Ticket Can Result in a Gun Ban

Fact Sheet on H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017

Answering Common Objections to Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Why Adopt a Constitutional Carry Law?


GOA Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Gun Agenda

GOA Comments to ATF on So-Called “Secure Gun Storage” Regulations

Background Checks: Ineffective, Unconstitutional and Dangerous

Comments on Obama’s “Dumb Gun” Directive

Comments on Obama’s Move to put Gunsmiths out of Business

Comments to the Social Security Administration


Comments on ATF’s Proposed Ban of M855 Ammunition

GOA Responds to the President on the Oregon Shooting — Top Ten misstatements made by Obama

Anti-gunners Misfire Again Trying to Debunk the Benefits of Guns in Self-Defense


NY Billionaire Wants to Buy out the Second Amendment in WA State(I-594)

GOA Comments on ATF Multiple Rifle Sales (pdf)

ATF Backs Down on Gun Sale Reports

2014 Gun Control Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet About Bullet Serialization

See a Shrink, Lose Your Guns!


Thirteen Reason why Congress Should Oppose Universal Background Checks

Background Checks, Confiscation & Registration

How New York Gun Owners had their Privacy Abused

Senate Gun Votes in 2013


The Inspector General’s Exoneration of Eric Holder

Gun Free School Zones


Violence Policy Center Continues to Misfire on Concealed Carry Holders

Bloomberg’s Tour of Lies

Substantial Inaccuracy In Gun Registries

Problems With Background Checks

Gun Control in ObamaCare


GOA/GOF Analysis: McDonald v. Chicago Supreme Court Case

GOA’s testimony on Elena Kagan before the Senate Judiciary Committee

The DISCLOSE Act (HR 5175)

Unconstitutionality Of ObamaCare


GOA’s CIFTA Treaty Analysis


Just For Skeptics

DOJ says ATF loses weapons more frequently than other agencies (pdf)

GOA Brief: Appeal Of David Olofson (pdf)

GOA Comments To FCC Re: Broadcast Localism (pdf)

GOA/GOF Comments To USPS On Inert Munitions (pdf)

57 Congressmen Urge Bush To Withdraw Anti-gun Brief (pdf)

Problems With The Veterans Disarmament Act

GOA Amicus Brief: D.C. v. Heller (pdf)

Direct Mail Leader Confronts Congress’ Efforts To Stifle Speech (pdf)


2007 Gun Control Fact Sheet (GOF)

BATFE Questionable Recordkeeping Practices Letter (pdf)

47 Senators Sign Letter Supporting Guns In National Parks (pdf)

GOA Victory Over Brady Campaign At The FEC (pdf)

DC Gun Ban Overturned (Text Of Decision: Parker v DC) (pdf)

Gun Control Is Adverse To Due Process (pdf)

The Media Assault On The Second Amendment (pdf)

GOA Comments To OSHA Re: Proposed Ammunition Regulations

Toxicology Of Lead At Shooting Ranges


Second Amendment Threatened By Supreme Court’s Use Of Foreign Law

Terrorism, Self-Defense, And U.S. Obligations In A Post-9/11 World

BATF Firearms Testing Procedures — Or Lack Thereof (pdf)


Special Section: Gun Confiscation In New Orleans

Which Way Will Judge John Roberts Tip the Supreme Court?


Why Adopt A Vermont-style CCW Law?

Comments To IRS Re: Rules For Tax-Exempt Groups Engaged In Advocacy

Are Cops Constitutional?

How To Debunk The “Public Health” Basis For “Gun Control”


The Patriot Act II: Terrorizing The American People

Analysis Of We The People: The Citizen And The Constitution

Judicial Supremacy, The Supreme Court, And Gun Rights

Murder In South Africa: A Comparison Of Past And Present

Senate Report On The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Anti-gun Companies, Organizations, Media And Celebrities

Ballistic Fingerprinting Is Not An Effective Crime Tool


Instant Registration Check Threatens Gun Owners’ Rights

Comments to FAA Re: Arming Pilots


Rebuttals To Those Who Think Pilots Should Not Be Armed

Comments To Ashcroft Re: Revised Brady Record Retention Policy

H.R. 1146: American Sovereignty Restoration Act

2001 Gun Control Fact Sheet (GOF)


Text Of The Clinton & Wesson Sell-out Agreement


California (Lockyer) Semi-auto Confiscation Documents

Martial Law

The FBI And Project Megiddo

How To Use The System– And Win

The Bible And Gun Control

1999 Firearms Fact Sheet

The Gottlieb (CCRKBA) Dilemma


Comments To NHTSA Regarding The National ID Card

Comments To BATF Regarding The Import Ban


Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation Law

Kohl “Gun Free Zones” Law

1997 Gun Rights Talking Points

Letter From Larry Pratt To The Directors Of The NRA


The Media’s Pratt Fall

Gun Free School Zones

Problems With The Government Terror Bill


Republican. Pres. Candidates

HR 1710 And Gun Control

HR 1488: A Trojan Horse?

Constitution And Gun Control

HR 666 And Gun Sweeps

1995 Firearms Facts


So-Called Assault Weapons

Firearms: People’s Liberty Teeth


Instant Check Threatens Gun Rights

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