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Thank you for becoming a GOA Life Member. For your convenience, you can use this page to set up automatic payments. Simply:

1. Fill in all required fields
2. Select "Recurring"
3. Select your frequency of payments
4. Select a number of payments (This is your balance due divided by the amount of each payment.  For example, if your balance due is $450 and you wish to pay $50 for each installment, your number of occurrences will be $450 ÷ $50 = 9) 
4. Choose an amount
5. Select your payment method

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 703-321-8585.

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Black Rifle Nation Special

GOA is pleased to partner with our friends at Black Rifle Nation for a special 25 percent discount of normal membership price of $20. Join now for one year for only $15! (Check the $15 amount below.)

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Is GOA in Your Will?

What is one thing that you can do now which will ensure that Second Amendment rights are well-defended, well into the future?

Answer:  Putting Gun Owners of America in your will or trust. 

Estate settlements have been vital to the continued success of GOA’s efforts to defend your gun rights in the present.

By placing GOA in your will or trust today, you can continue protecting the Second Amendment rights of your children and grandchildren, long into the future.

Here are the top-three reasons you should consider supporting Gun Owners of America in your will or trust.

1. GOA praised as the real gun lobby.  

* “The real gun lobby in Washington is the GOA. Your rights are secure with them, they are consistent, they’re all business, they’re not about playing games or looking good, they’re protecting the Second Amendment.” -- Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)

* “Gun Owners of America is the pit bull of the Second Amendment. They are relentless and never give any ground whatsoever to the gun grabbers.” -- Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN)

2. GOA described as THE NO-COMPROMISE gun rights organization.

* “Gun Owners of America is the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.” -- former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul 

* “I’m proud to ask you to join the work of Gun Owners of America, because we cannot have enough NO COMPROMISE pro-gun groups in Washington.” -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke 

3. GOA credited as THE GROUP that defeated Obama’s key gun control agenda.

* “Democrats Blame ‘Gun Owners of America’ for Gun Control Setback.” -- TPM, April 8, 2013

* “According to conservative staffers, Gun Owners of America was the most active outside group in early efforts to block all gun control efforts.” -- The Examiner, April 28, 2013

* “[Gun Owners of America] has complicated efforts to reach a solution on gun control legislation, top Democrats have said.” -- TPM, April 8, 2013

In placing GOA in your will or trust, here are some sample instructions to share with your advisor or attorney:

I give, devise and bequeath to Gun Owners of America (tax ID# 52-1256643), a non-profit corporation in Springfield, Virginia:

A.  The sum of $__________; or

B.  __________ percent of my estate; or

C. Residue.  I give my Residue to Gun Owners of America, 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 202, Springfield, Virginia 22151.

Matching Fund

Thanks to the generosity of a GOA Life Member, we are proud to announce a $100,000 Matching Fund.  So contribute today to double your impact!


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Matching Fund

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