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December 2019GOA’s Top Ten in 2019
September 2019GOA Fighting Against Calls for Gun Control on Capitol Hill and in the Media
June 2019Red Flag Laws Stalling Across the Country
March 2019GOA Wages Multi-Front Legal Attack!
December 2018GOA’s Top Ten in 2018
October 2018Is There a “Blue Wave” Coming in 2018?
August 2018Hillary Didn’t Get to Pick the SCOTUS Nominee
May 2018 Momentum Growing for Semi-Auto Ban
January 2018GOA’s Top Agenda for 2018
December 2017GOA’s Top Ten in 2017
September 2017Capitol Hill Offices Say GOA Members are “Loud”
June 2017GOA-Backed Concealed Carry Bill Approaches 200 Cosponsors!
March 2017GOA-Backed Concealed Carry Bills Gaining Steam
December 2016Political Friends & Foes speak to GOA’s influence
October 2016What’s At Stake in 2016
July 2016Media Credits GOA with Helping Stall Gun Control
June 2016Obama’s FBI Denying Honest Gun Owners Without Recourse
March 2016Gun Rights Would Not Survive an Obama Appointment to the Supreme Court
December 2015GOA Members Making a Difference
October 2015GOA Activists Help Push Boehner Out & GOA Winning In the Courts
September 2015GOA Blasts Obama’s Secret Gun Ban
June 2015GOA Working to Repeal Gun-Free Zones in Several States
April 2015Gun Owners Force Obama to Back Down on Ammo Ban
January 2015GOA’s Top Ten in 2014: Political Friends & Foes speak to GOA’s influence last year
December 2014How Gun Owners Frustrated Obama’s Gun Control Agenda
October 2014Gun Owners Nationwide Can Help GOA Elect a Pro-Gun Congress
July 2014Obama Moves To Choke Off Gun Sales
May 2014GOA Working With Rep. Stockman
January 2014GOA’s Top 13 in 2013
December 2013Gun Owners Dodge a Bullet in 2013
September 2013UN Arms Treaty Endangers Second Amendment
August 2013Police Drop Charges Against Teenager
June 2013Will Obama Resurrect his Failed Gun Control Agenda?
April 2013Here’s what they are saying about GOA
February 2013Obama’s proposals could pave the way for gun confiscation
December 2012GOA Activism Positively Impacted Gun Rights in 2012
October 2012GOA Issues its 2012 Voter Election Guide
August 2012Fighting Against the Global War
June 2012Obama Administration Pushing UN Gun Control
April 2012GOA Putting the Heat on the Attorney General
December 2011GOA celebrates highlights of 2011
September 2011McCarthy’s Sweeping Gun Ban
July 2011Push for UN Gun Control Treaty Continues
May 2011Anti-gun ObamaCare Celebrates One Year of Lies and Screw-ups
March 2011ATF Declaring War on Honest Gun Owners
December 2010GOA Victories In 2010 Elections
October 20102010 Elections: Time For Fall Cleaning Of House And Senate
September 2010UN Arms Treaty Threatens Gun Rights
July 2010Could The World Court Put Gun Makers Out Of Business?
May 2010Supreme Court Sides With GOA On Important Free Speech Case
March 2010VA Abuses Highlight Dangers Of Health Care Database
December 2009GOA Presses On Amidst The Ups And Downs of 2009
October 2009GOA Fights Lone Battle On Capital Hill
September 2009Concealed Carry Vote Fails Narrowly In The Senate
July 2009GOA Backs Burr Bill To Protect Veterans
May 2009Obama, Congressional Leaders Continue Assault On The Second Amendment
March 2009HR 45 May Be More Troubling Than The Average Anti-gun Bill
December 2008Assault On Gun Rights Likely To Intensify
October 2008 Whatever Happened To Gun Control?
August 2008Supreme Court Strikes Down DC Gun Ban!
June 2008GOA Backing National Parks Bill
April 2008GOA Weighs In At The Supreme Court
December 2007GOA Members Make Big Splash On Capitol Hill
October 2007GOA Moves To Defang The Veterans Disarmament Act
July 2007GOA Uncovers Unholy Alliance, Backroom Deals
March 2007Media, Democrat Congress Conspire To Ban Semi-Autos
December 2006Attacks On Gun Rights Expected To Increase 
October 2006Primary Victories Lead To Races To Watch
August 2006GOA Fighting UN Gun Grab
March 2006 GOA Still Pushing To Prevent Future Gun Confiscations
December 2005 GOA Performs Valuable Watchdog Role For Gun Owners
October 2005 GOA Denounces Gun Confiscations In New Orleans
July 2005 GOA Denounces Gun Confiscations In New Orleans
June 2005 Fight To Muzzle Pro-Gun Groups Continues In Senate
March 2005 GOA Pressing To End UN Threat To Gun Ownership
December 2004 Credit Goes To GOA Members For Having “Torpedoed” Gun Control
November 2004 GOA Issues Candidate Scorecards
August 2004 A Second Amendment Battle For The Soul Of America
June 2004 Working To Extend Right To Carry Throughout The Nation
April 2004 GOA Postcards Killed Feinstein Bill
December 2003 GOA Helping To Roll Back Gun Control
December 2003 GOA Helping To Roll Back Gun Control
September 2003 Concealed Carry Bill Gaining Momentuml
May 2003White House Favors Keeping Clinton Gun Ban
March 2003GOA Hails Introduction Of Citizen’s Self Defense Act
December 2002GOA Members Help Advance Gun Rights In 2002
October 2002GOA Releases 2002 Voting Guide
September 2002GOA Pushing Concealed Carry Against Opposition
July 2002Sen. Smith Introduces Bill To Arm Pilots
May 2002GOA Pressing For Armed Pilots 
April 2002GOA Throws Support Behind Smith Bill Curbing Anti-gun Lawsuits 
February 1994How the Brady Bill Passed

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