Good Guy With A Gun Wouldn’t Have Made A Difference in Vegas, Doesn’t Mean We Should Forfeit Our Rights

I’m going to start with an inconvenient truth: A good guy with a gun would not have been able to make a difference in the Las Vegas shooting.  But that’s ok.  Sometimes when a crash is bad enough a seat belt won’t be able to save your life.  Does that mean we stop wearing seat belts?

I’ve looked over the schematics of Mandalay Bay.  Where the shooter was, where his targets were and unfortunately, even if the concert venue wasn’t a gun free zone there was next to nothing that a few armed law abiding citizens could have done to stop what happened.

I looked over my own personal arsenal and the only things that could have actually helped by returning effective fire I wouldn’t be carrying slung around my shoulder to a concert to begin with.

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The shooter was 350 meters away, elevated another 300 feet in the sky, shadowed by a darkened room.

Sure, give me a clear shot with a sniper rifle  and scope without 22,000 people running around in a panic and i’d put him 6 feet under, but that is not real life.  The regular law abiding gun owner isn’t walking around the Vegas strip with a M24 and scope firing precision .308 rounds down range unless by some miracle they just happened to be coming back from the range and was passing through.

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