How much of your current opinion regarding guns is based on fact rather than feeling? And are the facts as you know them actually true, or are they merely "spin" being promoted by those holding anti-gun positions? Is there a reason why you rarely hear about the "good" uses of guns? In this comprehensive guide, information is presented that might make you re-examine what you've always "known" about guns in society.

Why are there so many converts who have changed their minds on gun control?

Many people know first-hand the truth of the maxim: Guns Save Lives.

There is a reason why you rarely hear about the "good" uses of guns.

Tragically, many people, disarmed by law, die needlessly.

The truth is, police rarely witness a crime in progress... they investigate afterwards.

By definition, criminals do not obey the law....

No matter how many times they say it, it's still not true.

Don't let emotions stand in the way of truth.