What They’re saying – About GOA

What They’re Saying

  • "I appreciate the work you do, on behalf of people across this great nation of ours. I live in Missouri which now has Constitutional Carry. I hope one day this will be nationwide… but we have to keep up the good fight. Thank you, for what you do.”
    - Matt
  • "So happy that I found your site and joined your organization, which enables all of us, to help you, to protect our rights as law abiding citizens, from the gun grabbers lurking in our mist.”
    - Rob
  • "Sure do wish some of those thousands of dollars I’ve donated to the other groups could be used to support the GOA lawsuit. Well, they will be from here on out."
    - Larry
  • "I see you guys have your priorities straight, and I want to add my support!"
    - Michael
  • "Wow, you guys are actually sticking your necks out and getting things done."
    - Isaac

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