How to shoot on steel safely, from target thickness and steel type to choosing the correct ammunition for the range.

There are at least five good reasons for shooting steel targets:

  • You know right away whether you hit or not.
  • When shooting rifles at longer range, you don’t need to peek through a scope trying to identify your hits - that distinctive ringing sound will tell you!
  • You don’t have to go down range to change targets all the time.
  • You get a free workout lugging targets around.
  • It’s really, really fun.

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Of course, safety always comes first in the shooting sports, and there are some particular things you must be aware of and consider when shooting on steel that you don't have to think about with paper targets.

So let’s talk about a few must-follow procedures for steel target shooting—after we list them, we’ll talk about why they're critically important.

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